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Top: Users: Amishman35
Name: Brent Fisher
From: United States
Reviews by Amishman35
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Date Program Vote Message
07-Feb-2003 Module Lab  5 Would be a nice 64 channel MOD editor if I could get it to play :-(
07-Feb-2003 acoustonic  7 I can actually figure what frequency a sound is, even if it is buried in noise, because you can zoom in on the FFT analysis, unlike Cool Edit where you have to make the window huge. I just wished it could record.
07-Feb-2003 ScoreExtractor  7 You know, sometimes I have the sine wave equivalent of a song, and I just want a MIDI file of it...This program will do this with less errors because you use your eyes to select the tones. What would be really useful to add to this program would be a MIDI playback mode that causes the note under the mouse to be played, so you could just hum the beat to the song and use brute force to test which notes to use.
07-Feb-2003 Exact Audio Copy  8 With the version I got, it also has a Track Quality indicator so you can tell when to re-burn a scratched CD. If you have a newer version of Windows, you can also rip CDs to CELP format and have a whole album fit on a floppy disk (in just-recognizable quality). Doesn't have it's own MP3 encoder. The (insert oppressive government term here) USA embraces software patents, so you got to look for Lame or Blade.
07-Feb-2003 MODPlug Player  9 I use this to convert MOD files to WAV because with ModPlug Player, you can actually turn OFF the interpolation and you can increase the stereo separation. Use this with Nero ImageDrive and NetMD SimpleBurner, and you will never run out of music.
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