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30-Dec-2005 Alba Extractor  10 webtech54 This is the hottest extractor ever to be on the internet. Makes the Albumwrap Extractor look like childs play. Good work is hard to find..
29-Dec-2005 MP3 MMF Converter NR rmishra_vatsa Hello i am raj, i'm trying to find the MP3 / MIDI to MMF converter & i wiil shown on u r web site but i cant afford to purchase your software please send me a full version software on my email id :
24-Dec-2005 AnalogX Vocal Remover  10 paulburdet Great !
23-Dec-2005 AIPL Singulator  10 kenlevy Great product! Easy to use!
20-Dec-2005 Alba Extractor  8 Outlander Works for me!!! Very nice simple GUI, intuitive to use.
16-Dec-2005 MP3 MMF Converter NR yeluri i want to conver mp3 to mobile action composer (*.auf) format.
15-Dec-2005 Windows Media Encoder NR singh_lolipop its very nice
05-Dec-2005 DJ Mix Pro  10 sergs i like this software
04-Dec-2005 MP3 MMF Converter NR taimoor hey how to convert mp3 in mmf which converter should i download ?????
04-Dec-2005 AnalogX Vocal Remover NR mad_max i wanna try this one
02-Dec-2005 Auto Azan Player  10 dipu_raj04 Very Fine Player.
01-Dec-2005 MIDI Tracker NR Alex Please post your comments here. Do you like it or not? What do we need to do with MT to make it better? I'm waiting for your comments.
30-Nov-2005 MP3 MMF Converter  1 sony I want to convert mp3 to midi format please give me a software sent it to
22-Nov-2005 AnalogX Vocal Remover NR punith want 2 check
20-Nov-2005 MP3 MMF Converter  8 Majidalikhan Please Send me a software to open mmf format files
15-Nov-2005 MP3 MMF Converter NR yuval Hi, Can you please send me a command-line converter, that converts to SMAF? it can be mp3->mmf or wav->mmf or amr->mmf. Thank you.
10-Nov-2005 AmazingMIDI: music transcribe system, wav to mid converter NR ycopyer good
09-Nov-2005 MP3 MMF Converter  10 tapashpandey3090 i like it software
07-Nov-2005 ISO Commander  3 air07 This program does not have the features of Magic Iso or Ultra Iso - buy one of them instead.
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