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19-Jun-2006 Speed Video to Audio Converter NR Rupalos Checking the site and the software
29-Apr-2006 JingleWin NR amtrk dear comp i amaased with here about jinglwin maltimidiea music keyboard for computer however the free down sent me to a forebiddin site i thought was freeware turn out to be a you dont have permission page i would love to try jinglewin trial freedown load and later perhaph but it can you send the free trail sofware i forn of googles free share ware to my email page call me 1 213 422 8003 im roy
22-Apr-2006 Traktor DJ Studio  8 parikshit86_04 good very good excellent
21-Apr-2006 Maven3D Professional  10 rajash3024 very good
19-Apr-2006 Tornado MIDI Software NR bks download link not working
19-Apr-2006 Tornado MIDI Software NR bks let's see first
18-Apr-2006 MP3 MMF Converter  10 maxsimm I love it
12-Apr-2006 TiMidity CD Quality Midi Player/Converter  10 BigBen Hey boys, for a good (fast) link with mirrors, go check out until this site gets their link running...
10-Apr-2006 Alba Extractor  9 keithfriend65 I had about 15 or so files that Album Wrap claim were not valid....This little beast diced 'em up perfectly.
07-Apr-2006 HyCD Play & Record (Win95/98) NR manle64 pls send me a tv tuner driver for my card Bt878KHF 25878-12C47864.6 9910 KOREA either XP or 98SE thanks my E-Mail -
31-Mar-2006 MP3 MMF Converter NR kapoorg it is to good
31-Mar-2006 SD Advanced Audio Extractor NR snowy Well, sorry to say, it does have embedded Save thingy and so I didn't install it. I'll keep looking. Now I'm wondering how much of the software here has this going on. :) So disappointed!
31-Mar-2006 auCDtect NR snowy Moonspell, I found that by just installing the codecs my extractor (another freeware, not their free trial that you would have to pay for later) worked fine. Just install codecs only when it gives you the install options and use another extractor. I haven't tried their extractor program, so don't know about that one.
31-Mar-2006 SD Advanced Audio Extractor NR snowy This looks like what I've been looking for. If it has no ads attached, I will be very happy. Will write again if it turns out great.
30-Mar-2006 MODPlug Player  10 A_VAS This is Avinash.Looks like its a great game.I'll give it a try.Thanks to Mrs.Shashikala Vasudevan
29-Mar-2006 Gliftex  10 umminiyah can i get a free code for the full version of lemonade tycoon?!
29-Mar-2006 Gliftex  10 umminiyah can i get a free code for lemonade tycoon?
25-Mar-2006 Alba Extractor NR wiskey This is same as Albumwrap extractor 1.0 ! It cant extract albumwarps too!! There is no difference between the two
18-Mar-2006 Net Player  10 wole play eminem's when am gone for me
15-Mar-2006 Magith ringtone composer NR alfar i have one - if your phone have wap, you should ask someone to upload needed files to web-site. Then he gives you url of the file. The last step is typing that url into phone wap browser and download the file :- )
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