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16-Aug-2007 MIDI Tracker  7 Eagle_Tas I have tried MIDI Tracker for a while and made songs for professional sales in it. As far as I can tell, this is one of the best adaptions of MIDI in a tracker. However it suffers from various minor short-comings. One is the random crashing. When working in split mode, changing the order list sometimes corrupt the patterns, changing patterns while the song is playing and so on corrupts as well. Another problem is lack of documentation. Although MIDI Tracker is quite simple, most of the interface is left to the end user to figure out him-/herself. Third problem is lag between patterns when following songs. Although minor, it still remains irritating. To not make this review too one-sided, MIDI Tracker does have features that adds to it's power. One is the good one pattern per channel idea. It makes editing a bit easier when dealing with loops and repeats. Another is the optimisers who automatically rid your module of junk data like unused tracks. Between the bugs, glitches and mysteries, MIDI Tracker has stood up quite well along my trial period of generous 3 months and I definitely plan to purchase it. However, bug fixing and better documentation is definitely in order.
23-Jul-2007 UltraISO Premium  10 djchetan2007 best of the best
18-Jun-2007 HyCD Play & Record (Win95/98)  9 ravirapid hi i am ravi. i have i have intex(conexant fusion878a) t.v tuner card but i have not that software diver. so pls sir send me a software driver to run my card.
15-Jun-2007 Blaze Audio RipEditBurn Plus  10 mikehuge Hands down, this is the best editor I've ever used! We've been using here for our services to burn CDs and make MP3s out of them for iPods. The voice changer is perfect for the children's programs we do. This is the first piece of software I've ever bought that I was able to figure out from the moment I downloaded it. -MIKE HUGE
01-May-2007 HyCD Play & Record (Win95/98) NR Vladimir7025 please send me the Software and driver tv tuner card for Win XP : Conexant fusion 878a. My mail address is : Help me Please!!!!
03-Apr-2007 AVBOX NR sanny_guy gr8
27-Feb-2007 MP3 MMF Converter NR zhong I found a website I do like to recommend one software that contains PictureViewer .EXE, Image Converter .EXE and Image Merger .EXE,that is, Picture Viewer and Converter Suite, have a good time!
14-Feb-2007 MIDI Backup NR oowoow Hi Patrick Holthuizen I don't if you will ever see this message, but I have had the Dr-660 Drum unit for years and could never find a program to back all the songs. I thought I had found what Iv'e been looking for, but link to the download don't work no more. If you see this message or if any one else can help me get this program, Please Email at Regards Phil
26-Jan-2007 MIDI Backup NR rockman240 I am having problems getting data back onto the Boss DR-660. Do I have to somehow prepare it to recieve data?
23-Jan-2007 Blaze Audio RipEditBurn Plus  10 eileen Really RipEditBurn Plus is a totally integrated sound editor. Record everything from streaming audio to classic LPs. Create custom playlists for iTunes or WMP libraries and save back-ups. Burn discs. Add sound effects, even record vocals into your custom mixes. Access eMusic and iTunes playlists in a single click from RipEditBurn Plus's custom Plus feature. I am highly impressed with this software. Eileen Wells
12-Jan-2007 Shuffler III  10 pappuksti hello you are realy great
11-Jan-2007 MP3 MMF Converter NR iceman14 hi Will you mail me the mp3 to midi converter to my email id I will really appreciate Regards Arick
08-Jan-2007 CloudOsys PHP Upload NR jiji Yes there are many uesful MP4 converter software, however why I can't find the MP4 Converter from This software is also powerful and easy to use. It can convert many popular video formats to MP4. I really hope this website can includ the MP4 Converter from
20-Dec-2006 HyCD Play & Record (Win95/98) NR shahed3 hi i want driver and software for tv tuner card no: pixelview Ce conexant bt878khf 25878-12 tell me the site or download for taht my email id is
30-Nov-2006 MP3 MMF Converter NR May I also have one converter .you can try it,and i think it's much better
30-Nov-2006 MP3 MMF Converter NR May I also have one converter and I think it's better. you can try it .Г№
30-Nov-2006 MP3 MMF Converter NR May I also have one converter and I think it's better,you can try it .Г№
14-Nov-2006 Alba Extractor NR jravin This works well on "ALBW" files that Album Wrap Extractor seems to have problems with. I look in Winamp at File Info; if header starts well into the file, it may be a "ALBW" file; I tried this on 2 of them, and it worked for me! Thanks!!!
09-Nov-2006 HyCD Play & Record (Win95/98) NR thienvan please send me the Software and driver tv tuner card for Window XP my tuner card is Conexant fusion 878a. My mail address is: Thank !
28-Oct-2006 TiMidity CD Quality Midi Player/Converter  10 tbrechbill Links are good now...
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