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 AC3 Decoder

Converter for AC3 files into WAV, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis. Whats in it for you? Do you have some surround-sound components, but not all the speakers, and would like to listen to multichannel movies and music right now? Do you have an elaborate home theater system in one room, but at times would like to enjoy surround sound in another room without all the bother? When youre away from home, would you like to experience true surround sound from movies? You don't want to buy portable DVD player because you have a portable MP3 player and you want to listen true surround sound in a way? You download AC3 file from Internet, but your preferred audio player don't have AC3 format support. AC3 Decoder can solve all of this problems. AC3 file can contains up to 6 audio channels. AC3 Decoder combines all this information into two encoded channels that deliver to each of your ears, via conventional stereo headphones, its own unique sum of direct and reflected sound from each virtual speaker. As a result, the listening sensation is much more natural, with sounds appearing "out-of-head" can be encoded into any of supported by AC3 Decoder formats. The best surround-sound experience can be listen in headphones.

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