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 AnalogX Vocal Remover

Allows you remove the vocals from most music! Uses the same algorithm that the hardware Karaoke machines use (180 degree phase offset). Great for hearing the music more clearly as well as ripping samples! Compatible with any realtime or non-realtime DirectX application (like Cakewalk, WaveLab, Paris, CoolEdit, etc).
Reviews / View as Forum Thread
05-Aug-2003 NR Review team NR/10
24-Dec-2005 10 paulburdet Great !
04-Dec-2005 NR mad_max i wanna try this one
22-Nov-2005 NR punith want 2 check
07-Apr-2005 NR jayspud i want to try the analog x vocal removetr.i heard it does alot of great work.
20-Jul-2004 10 outwrdlycliche how does this work?!
25-May-2004 NR ededed Not review
12-Aug-2003 10 Gman can anyone help me take vocals off a C D
27-Jul-2003 NR CodemanD how do you use it? should i download direct x?
22-Jun-2003 10 bushman69 is there any way of keeping the vocals without the backing??
20-Jun-2003 NR dsexybrat6922 i want to try a trail version
14-Mar-2003 7 rasalamat you can still hear a slight sound it needs more improvement but its great!!!
08-Mar-2003 10 djwarna it\'s great, absolutely brilient.yeah i use it
28-Feb-2003 1 o_smurf only works on music with same and woman together, only takes out man's voice
03-Jan-2003 10 geaneve i like it
14-Jul-2002 1 ftbenji Don't work with cooledit, no directions on how to use it, worthless.
11-Jun-2002 10 boukje I would like to try a trial version
09-Jun-2002 10 butlermartin I would like to try a trial version
16-May-2002 10 psykodude moehaha
22-Oct-2001 10 sjs Is it a trial version??
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