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 TiMidity CD Quality Midi Player/Converter

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17-Aug-2003 NR Review team NR/10
28-Oct-2006 10 tbrechbill Links are good now...
29-Jun-2006 6 longname thx op i find this is helpful too!
12-Apr-2006 10 BigBen Hey boys, for a good (fast) link with mirrors, go check out until this site gets their link running...
11-Jan-2006 1 RJARRRPCGP The link is bad. (error 404)
24-Jul-2005 NR atahualpa Dear TiMidity. I live in Ecuador And I woul like to get this program but I canґt download it. I will make a donation.
02-Apr-2005 NR lsckc The download link takes you to a download page but the links on the other page doesn't work. Pleae fix
28-Jan-2005 NR pwoody82 I tried to download this software but selecting download and full version but nothing happened. No download, no messages, no nothing.
23-Jun-2004 10 skinsmen Simply the coolest I've ever used. Plus none of that 60 second crap...
29-Apr-2004 10 rob_hev u r amazing i needed 2 convert my music coursework for the next day and this worked great, for free! u guys shud be classed as a charity thanks a lot rob
29-Apr-2004 10 hev0 u r amazing i needed 2 convert my music coursework for the next day and this worked great, for free! u guys shud be classed as a charity thanks a lot rob
23-Mar-2004 10 The_Sly_Fox The best MIDI player ever! I've never heard such quality come from a MIDI before!
06-Feb-2004 10 tbrechbill Download link had a bad URL for v1.6, but it has been corrected.
21-Jan-2004 10 brianS Excellent quality. Anyone installing the software should read the TimiditySetup.html file first. After doing so - it's a piece of cake.
20-Jan-2004 10 vinod_os aweew
17-Jan-2004 NR Blueberry Took over an hour to download now won't run. H E L P !!! am running XP home ed. In plain terms please not computer lingo. TA.
30-Dec-2003 10 neptune19 hey...there's no sound when i converted it to mp3?...why is that so?
30-Dec-2003 10 vickyteke excellent
23-Dec-2003 NR wowbutt I cant download it!!!
22-Dec-2003 7 verde cool!!!!!!!!!!!111
13-Dec-2003 10 crackershaun Fantasctic Fun - My Son wanted to convert some NES Game Midi Files to MP3 - Timidity Did It - For FREE - Many Thanks for Making You Work Freely Available
01-Dec-2003 10 coreafre good sofware,i love it, who ever make this program is good, congratulation keep working on programs,you will get succesfull.
19-Nov-2003 10 dave395 Excellent. Easy to use and very effective!
13-Nov-2003 10 wesleyehowell I have used timidity for a couple of years now on both Windows and Linux. It works wonderfully well on both.
11-Nov-2003 8 DonM Thanks for the program! It works well with Windows ME. DonM
10-Nov-2003 10 rhitzard Awesome ! ! Good work guys , your program is the best , so helpfull and easy to use .. Keep up the good work ! ! ! - rhitzard_raquion
08-Nov-2003 10 davhar Wow! This is outstanding. MIDI to WAV in minutes after install. Where can I send a donation? Dave
02-Nov-2003 10 pavankumarbs This is an excellent Software. Fantastic Job Guys
30-Oct-2003 10 sack This prog. very easy, very nice and very usable. I love it!
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Quick facts
Product TiMidity CD Quality Midi Player/Converter
Version 1.6
Publisher tbrechbill
Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X
Filesize 6,494 K
Released 28-Jul-2003
License Freeware
Cost $0.00
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 31947 (6)
Rating 8.79 (0)
Votes 624 (0)
Summary rating +396.73 (0)
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